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25 Sep

Beta Launch of our New Tools

We've been buried in ETF operations the past 6 months, but we are finally getting around to launching out new set of tools.

Most of the time has been spent on the back-end of the tool website so the content is limited to what we used to have on the old Turnkey Analyst website, plus a few things here and there.

Stay tuned for a lot more content ...
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23 Sep

Dow 30,000 Projections--again?

We were all chatting in the office today making fun of our own predictions and the predictions of others. The conversation quickly turned to the ridiculous Dow Jones Index projections that were being discussed in the late '90s.

Remarkably, Dow 30,000 projections are still in vogue (see below).

First an example of a 1999 Dow projection:

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