Quantitative Value Investing


Creating Systematic Investment Strategies

Wes Gray, Executive Managing Member of Alpha Architect, presents From Concept to Reality, Using Data to Create Investment Strategies at The Nantucket Project 2013 Finance Forum. His team worked to develop a systematic approach to value investing with four core steps:

  • Avoid permanent loss of capital
  • Screen to the cheapest stocks
  • Screen for quality cheap stocks
  • Slavishly follow the model
Quant Value Performance Strategy Background

*Based on analysis from Quantitative Value

We Wrote the Book on Systematic Value Investing

Learn how to beat behavioral bias

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Explore systematic value-investing

  • First book to outline a coherent way to marry the benefits of a systematic approach with a value-investment philosophy.
  • Fuses a library of previous academic research findings with new evidence to build an evidence-based investment process.
  • Outlines the investment process in a checklist format so enterprising investors can implement the strategyon their own.
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