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Does "Sharpe Parity" work better than "Risk Parity?"

Strategies employing Risk Parity have been favored by mutual funds and other market participants the past few years. The attraction of risk parity strategies is the great story associated with the approach and the historical performance over the past 30 years has been favorable. However, there is an argument that historical risk parity performance has been driven by leveraged exposure to Treasury ...
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Insights on ETMFs and ETFs from an ETF Service Provider

Our firm mission is to empower investors through education. One area of the marketplace where education is lacking is in the ETF, or exchange-traded-fund arena. ETFs are a relatively new delivery mechanism through which investors can buy investment management services.

ETFs can be challenging to understand because the back-office operations behind an ETF are complex. We started our ...
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Humble Pie Prevents 99.8% Drawdowns

It’s not every day you hear news of a 99.8% drawdown, but it looks like today is one of those days.

Owen Li of Canarsie Capital reportedly wrote a letter to investors saying he was “very sorry” that his fund, which within the last year had reported $98 million in AUM, had been reduced to $200,000. Li, a former trader for Raj Rajaratnam’s Galleon Group, had struck out on his own ...
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